Kansas City business leaders are invited to join us for an Executive Briefing


  • Learn how prospects gain the upper hand on you during the sales process
  • Discover how traditional sales approaches turn you into an unpaid consultant
  • Uncover how prospects use your proposals to negotiate better deals elsewhere
  • Avoid wasting time preparing proposals that won't win any business


Recent Testimonials

Troy Rincon
Director of Training and Development
Perceptive Software

What accomplishments have you gained as a result of the Sandler Training?

We have seen an increase in deal size as well as an increase in pipeline quality, through better qualifying techniques, driving to pain, and quickly determining if a lead is worth pursuing.


Don’t Let “Price” Derail Your Sale

The Sandler Brief - July 2015

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Sandler Sales Rule #36: Only Decision Makers can Get Others to Make Decisions.

Sandler Sales Rule #11: Money Does Grow On Trees

Sandler Sales Rule #43: Go for the No

Casey Coffman explains Sandler Rule No. 43: 'You Don't Learn How to Win by Getting a "Yes," You Learn How to Win by Getting a "No".'


Mon 07/13

Skills - Don't spill your candy

Mon 07/13

Foundations - Questioning strategies

Tue 07/14

Kansas City Executive Briefing

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