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Experiencing Up and Down Sales?

Need Strategies for Creating Consistent and Predictable Company Growth?

Did you know traditional outbound lead reps average less than 50 dials per day?

ConnectAndSell AutoDialer

Do you or your team struggle to...

  • Make enough new calls to hit your goals?
  • Have more conversations with less effort?
  • Find the time to make prospecting calls?
  • Blend your warm and cold calls?
  • Respond faster than the competition?
  • Identify low performing reps, scripts or lists?
  • Create a playbook with the best of the best?

Click below to find out more about this time-saving, effective tool, or contact Casey Coffman: | 913-302-6568

Need To Generate More Revenue for Your Company?

Is what you're doing this year going to be competitive enough next year?

Find out more about our CEO luncheons from Casey Coffman, Corporate Coach with Sandler Training by Coffman Group.

Are You Looking For Sales Training?

Have you paid for sales training that hasn't worked? Did your salespeople seem motivated, but never implemented what they learned?

Find out why most sales training fails from Casey Coffman, Trainer and Coach with Sandler Training by Coffman Group.

Client Testimonial

Sandler Enterprise Selling

In the enterprise sales environment, the number of decision makers, as well as the degree of interaction between them, is typically far greater than what is required in more traditional sales interactions.

Find out how we help our clients navigate through a complex sales cycle to a successful finish with the Sandler Enterprise Selling program. 

Sandler Bookstore

The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.