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Revenue Operations Solutions

Sales enablement to power your sales team.

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Revenue Operations Challenges

It’s not uncommon for sales managers to spend over 40% of their time trying to build a forecast, create processes, run reports and analyze CRM data to help drive decisions. In today’s virtual, remote selling environment, it could be 60%.  No more dropping by their desk or overhearing prospects' calls.

With a remote workforce, here are the trends we are seeing:

  • Increased time spent on internal deal progression status emails and calls which leads to less time selling
  • Inability to accurately forecast
  • Lack of visibility into daily activities
  • Deals falling through the cracks

The Sandler Sales Enablement QuickStart Program saves clients time and money by creating reports and dashboards that provide visibility into deal progression and help managers make better decisions. 

online team

These trends are costing organizations time and money

  • Does your sales team have confusion understanding or communicating where they are in the sales process?
  • Do you have clear and documented processes?
  • Does your team face hurdles when trying to prospect, quote, and close business?
  • Do you have a lot of opportunities in your pipeline and nothing seems to come out?
  • Are you able to forecast and is your forecasting accurate?
  • Does your CRM provide an accurate snapshot of your pipeline?
  • Do you leverage reporting and analytics out of your CRM to power your business?
  • Do you have visibility into the pipeline and do you have confidence in the data?

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Client Success - Mark Pierce Vice President of Revenue, mySidewalk

mySidewalk had reached a point of growth where our legacy tech stack no longer met our needs. After our team completed an evaluation of new CRMs and Marketing automation tools, we decided to move forward with Salesforce and Hubspot and were looking to implement both technologies on an expedited timeline (3-5 months).

Megan came highly regarded from a former colleague of mine and was instrumental to our success in this project from day one. 

From our first engagement she asked the right questions to understand the outcomes we wanted to achieve before we began discussing architecture, integrations, or design. She led us through a weekly approach that allowed for our small team of 3 to make manageable progress while she worked on larger items, design, and build out. Through the integration process she enabled our team to pick the right legacy data and components from our previous system that we wanted to keep in place and transitioned those to our new tech stack, while also helping us take advantage of the new tools and features of our new systems. 

The result was one of the quickest and most effective rollouts of a full tech stack that I have experienced. She was responsive and flexible while also challenging us on things we should not do, or should reimagine. I highly recommend contracting with Megan if you need to implement new systems, optimize existing, or look to learn from a consultant who can guide your organization with best practices from other leading tech organizations in the midwest. Thank you Megan!