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Coffman Group, LLC | Kansas City & Overland Park, Kansas

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Building a Best in Class Sales Team

A free webinar for any Business Owner, President, CEO or Sales Executive who is serious about achieving best in class sales growth and results.

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Log in to this valuable webinar to learn:

  • Why the wrong structure, process, or methodology will stall your sales
  • How to execute the Predictable Revenue Model
  • How to build super BDR and SDR teams
  • Why your non-sales SME staff can be more effective at selling
  • How to stop your sales force from competing on price only

The Sandler Training by Coffman Group Team will set you on the right track to dominate your market.

Event Overview

This webinar is for those who are searching for solutions to increase sales, generate more revenue, and improve prospecting and closing.

If you need to grow your business then this is for you.