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Soft Skills Training Solutions

Gain the additional skills and resources needed to achieve your goals

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Soft Skills Workshops

Using proven training techniques, these sessions will allow you to:

  1. Implement consistency across the board
  2. Adjust to culture shifts
  3. Reduce turnover
  4. Work more efficiently and efficiently
  5. Provide a true growth model for your employees

Available Training Topics:

  • Creative Problem Solving
    • Learn a process for breaking down complex problems into manageable components to gain clarity around possible solutions.
    • Explore how to generate solutions to atypical problems and have an opportunity to test these solutions.
    • Gain clarity on how to accurately interpret probability and other methods for increasing certainty in your judgment.
  • Strategic Communication
    • Manage your image and understand how it can impact your success.
    • Demonstrate and develop better listening skills and body language reads.
    • Understand how stress can impact your style and develop the skills and emotional intelligence to maintain control.
  • Management 101
    • Understand the management skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.
    • Learn to plan, organize, communicate and monitor.
    • Apply the most appropriate supervisory style to each individual and situation.
    • Understand your legal responsibilities.
  • Collaborating Leaders
    • Develop the interpersonal skills needed to help you communicate, listen and handle conflicts in your supervisory role.
    • Accomplish goals and control outcomes when dealing with staff, peers, management and other departments.
    • Hold performance discussions that result in changed behavior and enhanced productivity.
  • Time Management
    • Identify and overcome your unique set of time-wasters, including procrastination, socialization, disorganization, lack of direction, blurred focus and unwanted interruptions.
    • Eliminate the chaos and clutter of your day for a dramatic increase in productivity.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
    • Explore the core definition of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
    • Discover the impact of EQ in your work environment and how it can affect your performance.
    • Learn to use and implement EQ in your day-to-day work product and as part of a work team.
  • Team Building
    • Learn to encourage and empower your team.
    • Inspire and motivate your employees.
    • Create an environment of trust and collaboration.
  • Generational Gaps
    • Understand the business implications and struggles associated with multigenerational workforces.
    • Implement hiring processes and introduce cultural direction to entice, develop and retain workers from all generations.
    • Learn to identify and adjust your communication style.
  • Leadership Skills
    • Understand what makes you a leader and how to use that to your best ability.
    • Influence others and motivate them to profitable action through interpersonal skills.
    • Implement new plans and processes without strong-arm tactics.
    • Develop credibility, trust, and value based on respect.
  • Performance Review Coaching
    • Discover the fundamentals of how to conduct a performance appraisal.
    • Learn techniques to help coach and direct feedback.
    • Help in determining the timing and frequency of conducting informal discussions with your teams.
  • Presentations Skills
    • Tailor your presentation to your audience.
    • Balancing verbal and nonverbal messages so content is clear, memorable and engaging for your listeners.
    • Steps you should take to properly prepare for a presentation including rehearsing, adhering to time limits and speaking from notes.
    • Reducing stress and speaker's anxiety.
  • Critical Thinking
    • Learn new and innovative ways to spark thinking that results in new products, processes and ways of providing service.
    • Tap your creative side and become a champion of creativity for your company.
    • Learn how your thinking habits can affect your productivity and open-mindedness.
  • Leading Through Change
    • Help your leaders and organization realize opportunity through change.
    • Be ready and prepared to understand your people and their challenges.
    • Optimize the people you have, including developing individual roles for those with a desire to become key players and personal commitments to help steer the culture.
  • Coaching Skills
    • Learn to effectively coach sub-par performance.
    • Develop teams that bring energy and excitement to their work.
    • Learn to listen and take criticism to open up communication and build trust.

Custom On-Site Training

Does this sound like something needed for your team? Get in touch and we’ll work with you to plan your soft skills training calendar.

As part of the training package, these sessions could also include a post-action training plan and reinforcement coaching calls to hold your teams accountable.

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