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Grow Your Sales From Remarks and Referrals

A 3-part workshop series for companies and professional firms

Why do you spend so much on marketing and sales if your services are so great?

Suppose you’ve been in business for five years or more. In that case, the majority of your business should be driven by REMARKS by clients to non-clients and direct referral requests — the ultimate testament of an excellent deliverable.

To execute this strategy you need to isolate where you are remarkable, and train your client facing staff to ASK for introductions.


The three sessions are:

  • The formula for being REMARKABLE. Isolating WHY you’re remarkable to clients.
  • Capturing your remarkable remarks.
  • Turning remarks into new introductions and referrals. The skills to ASK for help.

Registration Options

This event is open to our existing Sandler clients or can be purchased for a one-time fee of $750 per person.


Offered Virtually, at our California or Kansas City training centers, or our trainers can come to you (private events for 10+).

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A 3-part workshop series on Being Remarkable.

Each session is one hour in length and has prep work to gather your information and act on what you learn. Private supplemental coaching is available if desired.

This series is specifically designed for the following companies.

  • B2B services-related companies of 100+ employees
  • In business 5+ years
  • Observe a disconnect in how good you are at the ratio of referrals to organic growth
  • Have a gut feeling that you’re spending way too much money trying to sell an excellent service.