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Julie Sponagel

Sales and Training Director, Sandler Training by Coffman Group

Sales and Training Director, Sandler Training by Coffman Group

About Julie

The first time Julie saw an employee have an “A-Ha!” training moment, she knew she wanted to continue developing people for success. Working in the training industry for over a dozen years, she’s trained and consulted with organizations like Disney, PepsiCo, Clorox, Philip Morris, Bayer, Arby’s, Cisco Systems, Honeywell, PulteGroup, Darden Restaurants, Chevron, OppenheimerFunds, and many more. She’s also worked with local and state government organizations, along with every branch of the federal government, including federally connected organizations like NASA and the Federal Reserve Bank. Her history of volunteering and working with nonprofit organizations has left her uniquely qualified to help nonprofits successfully implement their goals, including organizations like the American Bar Association.

Julie has been a successful sales professional for over 17 years, winning numerous awards and breaking records, both as an individual contributor and as a leader of sales teams. Her most recent experience in leading a small family-owned solar energy company’s sales team helped her put her experience into practical use in a highly technical blue-collar world. Julie’s practical approach to leadership and sales helps her translate company goals and metrics into answering the “what’s in it for me?” questions that sales professionals have. Her practical and highly-communicative approach, along with practical in-the-field training helped her sales reps buy into high expectations. The results: the organization broke monthly sales records twice in the first quarter after Julie took leadership, all done with a team of sales reps that was half the size of the previous year