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Casey Coffman

Old rule:  Hang out with people more successful and wealthy than you.
New rule:  Hang out with engaged, fulfilled, and happy people.

Categorizing and labeling generations tends only to highlight the age paradigms and circumstances we all go through in life, but since the media created it, I will use it.


This message may make you cringe with the anxiety of thinking so far ahead, but now is the time to plan for your best-ever QBR meeting results in Q2 2023.

I had someone that isn't a client company ask me if they could have 1-1 time. The answer is yes.

Emerson's Law - "if you want more give more".

Most companies have invested in robust sales enablement departments and tech stack resources that are very valuable to their sales force.

And the investment makes sense.

Sales training itself will not achieve an ROI.

Yet I've been a sales trainer for many years!?


Stop cold calling, it's become far less effective.

Instead, we advocate for first contact calls.

Polite, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, responsive sales staff are often good messengers but they aren't sales professionals.

A lot of veteran salespeople have never learned this, but successful sales depend less on the sales professionals' ability to talk rather than on their ability to listen.

That's common phrase I'm hearing from a growing number of agitated CRO’s.

Further discovery on these frustrations tends to lead to the following: