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Coffman Group, LLC | Kansas City & Overland Park, Kansas


Sandler 1-Day Sales Boot Camp



This workshop is a must-attend for sales and business development professionals at any level within a company and at any stage of their career. In this highly interactive and discovery-based 1-Day workshop, we will introduce participants to a wealth of specific concepts, skills, and tools that will energize and enlighten. Your takeaways will be realistic, practical, and powerful things you can implement the day after the workshop.

Sandler's Systematic Selling Approach Will Help You:

  • Achieve the Proper Attitude for Professional Selling
    • Understand the impact our “belief system” plays in sales success
    • Establish a mutual agreement and buy-in
    • Strategy for overcoming the “self-limiting beliefs” that can impede success
  • Implement Creative Client Acquisition
    • Make an impact in the first 30 seconds of a call
    • Set the stage for face-to-face meetings
    • Establish prospecting plans and methodologies
    • Develop powerful positioning statements
  • Make the First 5 Minutes Count
    • Questions to establish true rapport
    • Distinguish real prospects from “information seekers”
    • Learn the psychological principles of rapport.
    • Understand different buying and decision-making styles
  • Establish Commitment and Mutual Agreement
    • Condition the prospect for agreement at the earliest stages of the sales process
    • Achieve “Equal Business Stature” with our prospects
    • Pave the way for clear outcomes in each phase of the selling process
  • Understand True Buyer Motivation
    • How feature - benefit dumping can hurt you
    • Gain effective questioning and listening skills
    • Leverage the prospect's "emotional drivers"
    • Move the prospect from an intellectual position to an emotional one
  • Deal with Budget/Money/Investment Issues
    • Gain techniques to keep money from being the focal point of the sales process
    • Learn the key to getting “our price” for our services
    • Get a prospect to invest time and resources
  • Discover the Prospect’s Decision-Making Process
    • Learn about and leveraging the key players in the prospect’s camp
    • Bring in all stakeholders early in the process
    • Strategy to handle group and committee decision making
  • Attain the Keys to Successful Sales Presentations
    • Structure concise presentations that address the real issues
    • Eliminate “non-specific” solutions that can derail your presentation
    • Deliver presentations that get decisions
  • Deal with Stalls and Objections
    • Identify if the objections are even “real” or not
    • Strategy for handling objections in an effective manner
    • Advanced Questioning Techniques: Strip-lining, reversing, negative reversing, pendulum theory
  • Gain a Client Commitment – Post Sell
    • Prevent back outs or delays in implementation or contract agreement
    • Make sure timelines are met
    • Avoid last second “deal breakers”

January 23, 2018

8:00am - 5:00pm

6901 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Suite 113 | Overland Park, KS

Experience a complete overview of our selling system for improving productivity and outperforming sales goals.
You'll find this advanced training enlightening, entertaining and most importantly, profitable.