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Quote I've been in Sales for 10+ years and have attended some of the industry's 'best' sales training offered (Xerox/Client Centered Selling, Sell to Win, 360 Sales Advantage, etc.). All were good, but the Coffman Group/Sandler is the only training that helps to effectively differentiate a salesperson from the competition. Quote

Ryan Krase

Coffman Group - Kansas City's Leading Sandler Training Team

Sales Force Development

Delivering extraordinary results for top executives.

Coffman Group is an authorized affiliate of Sandler Sales Institute and one of only 11 Pinnacle level award winners in the worldwide network of 230 Sandler offices. 

Coffman Group is recognized as a "Top 5" affiliate of Sandler Training. Entrepreneuer Magazine has ranked Sandler as the No. 1 training company seven times since 1994.

Corporate Business Coaches                                                     

 Casey Coffman     Eric Dunn           

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