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Quote Our Association is experiencing unprecedented growth and increased sales due in large part to a more focused effort in our approach to qualifying and relationship-building with our members/clients. These improved results are a direct result - in large part - to the training and education we received from the Coffman Group this past year. Not a week goes by that we don't talk about the techniques we learned in the role playing and course instruction from Coffman/Sandler: are we taking full advantage of what we learned; are we asking the right questions; do we know if we have the decision-makers in the loop; are we willing to walk away if the transaction doesn't feel right; etc. - all excellent techniques we learned from Casey, Rick, Eric and the good folks at Coffman Group. Quote

Jeff Flora, CEO, SouthWestern Association

Coffman Group - Kansas City's Leading Sandler Training Team

Sales Force Development

Delivering extraordinary results for top executives.

Coffman Group is an authorized affiliate of Sandler Sales Institute and one of only 11 Pinnacle level award winners in the worldwide network of 230 Sandler offices. 

Coffman Group is recognized as a "Top 5" affiliate of Sandler Training. Entrepreneuer Magazine has ranked Sandler as the No. 1 training company seven times since 1994.

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