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Business Owner Workshop

A free event for any business owner, President, or CEO who is serious about achieving best in class sales growth and results.

The Sandler Training by Coffman Group Team will set you on the right track to dominate your market.

Event Overview

This workshop is for business owners who are searching for solutions to hire the right sales people, increase sales, and improve prospecting and closing.

If you need to grow your business then this is for you.

The topics covered will include the greatest barriers to growth, why these things occur and some insights into how to overcome them.

This event may be valuable for you and your team if you're someone who:

  • Is tired of hearing prospects tell you that they are not interested in making any commitments.
  • Is frustrated by writing too many proposals and quotes and not winning the business.
  • Is tired of prospects telling you at the end that they "just want to think it over".
  • Is concerned that all your efforts to win a new client may just be unpaid consulting.
  • Suspects that prospects are using you to get a better deal from their existing supplier.

What You Will Learn:

  • How prospects gain the upper hand on you or your team during the sales process.
  • Why traditional sales approaches turn you into an unpaid consultant.
  • How prospects use your proposals to negotiate better deals elsewhere.
  • Why most prospecting methods are ineffective.
  • How to avoid wasting time preparing proposals that won't win any business.
  • Why your challenges with time management might actually be something else.

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